Kutna Hora

Tour a Kutná Hora desde Praga

One of the best excursions from Prague, and not surprisingly, since Kutná Hora is considered one of the most beautiful medieval towns in the Czech Republic, it is home to the famous Bone Chapel, St. Barbara’s Cathedral or The Italian Court. Kutná Hora had a silver deposit that supplied all of Europe for almost two centuries, some of the richest families of a town that tried to eclipse Prague itself and although it did not succeed



Czech history and culture go far beyond Prague. The beautiful medieval town of Kutná Hora, rightly listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, shines from its rich heritage.

Far from the noise and hustle and bustle of the capital, today’s Kutná Hora has the charm of a small, picturesque provincial town. A quiet place to relax and enjoy walking its streets, although it was not always so.

There was a time when its buildings and markets rivaled Prague itself. Thanks to the frenetic activity of its legendary mines, this place knew a real silver fever that extended throughout several centuries. Thanks to these riches, Bohemia became a powerful kingdom and a first-class European cultural centre. Rivers of the precious metal financed many of the charms that we can still contemplate, both in Prague and, of course, in Kutná Hora.

Monuments like the Osario of Sedlec, whose fame attracts many visitors from all over the world. The remains of up to 40,000 people give shape to chalices, monstrances and other liturgical elements, all created from stacked skulls and other bones. Special mention should be made of the spectacular chandelier that crowns the decoration of this unique All Saints’ Chapel.

Or the impressive Cathedral of Saint Barbara, a jewel of Central European Gothic that competed in size and splendor with its neighbor in Prague and whose intricate vaults cause admiration to the visitor.

These are only two small examples of the impressive historical and artistic ensemble of the old town of Kutná Hora. Join us on a visit where we will evoke those distant days of splendour through cobbled streets, gardens and colourful houses where Gothic and Baroque are intermingled.

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¿Qué veremos en el tour?

  • Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción
  • Catedral de Santa Bárbara
  • Capilla de los huesos (Osario de Sedlec)
  • Colegio de los Jesuitas
  • Columna de la Peste
  • Corte Italiana
  • Y mucho más…


Días de la semana

Miércoles, viernes y domingos.

Horas de partida

A las 9:00h


Aproximadamente 6h





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